IGEM, The Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers has been authorised by the gas industry's Strategic Management Board (SMB) to officially recognise training programmes that meet the highest standards.

The Institution has completed the process of auditing training programmes to ensure they meet the requirements set out in IGEM/IG/1 Standards of training in gas work, which has been selected as the official industry governance document.
IGEM are authorising organisations that have successfully completed an audit to act as Recognisers of Training.
Blueflame Certification has completed the process and has received Approval as a Recogniser of Training in compliance with IGEM/IG/1 and are authorised to Approve Training Centres to offer Blueflame Certification Managed Learning Programmes (MLP’s) Pathway to Gas.
Blueflame Certification can offer Pathway to Gas Training packages for new entrants to the Gas Industry as detailed below:
Pathway to Gas- Domestic
Pathway to Gas-Meter Installer
Pathway to Gas-Non Domestic (Pipework Installer)
Pathway to Gas – Non Domestic (Heating)
Pathway to Gas-Non Domestic (Catering)
Pathway to Gas – Non Domestic (Power Generation)
For details on the Application process please contact 0845 194 90 31 or