Many jobs undertaken in the home or at the workplace fall under the requirements of the Building Regulations and the work needs to be notified to the Local Authority. This work also needs to be approved to be compliant with Building Regulations. The notification and approval process can be undertaken by the Local Authority Building Control Department or a private sector approved inspector on a job by job basis.

However there are many jobs where the work can be ‘self-certified’ as compliant and subsequently notified to the Local Authority via being registered with a Competent Person Scheme that has been approved by the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

For details of the fees please click here to download the Competent Persons Scheme Fees pdf

To register with a Blue Flame Certification Competent Person Scheme, please download the CPS 01 application form and also take some time to look at the Scheme Rules. On receipt of your application form we will contact you to discuss your requirements and progress your application.

Blue Flame Certification offers various Competent Person Scheme's for the following types of work:

Building Services & Mechanical Building Fabric Measures Building Services Electrical
Oil Boilers & Oil Storage
Heating Systems & Controls
Hot Water Systems & Controls
Heating & Hot Water Insulation
Ventilation Systems & Controls
Air Conditioning & Controls
Windows & Doors
Cavity Wall Insulation
Internal Wall Insulation
External Wall Insulation
Hybrid Wall Insulation
Roof Replacement
Electrical Installations
Lighting Systems & Controls
Electric Heating & Controls


Please note, in order to be registered with a Competent Person Scheme installers will need to demonstrate that they meet the minimum technical competence requirements and also the Minimum Competence Requirements for work undertaken through Competent Persons Schemes Approved under Schedule 3 of the Building Regulations (England and Wales).To be authorised as competent to self certify some types of work it may be necessary to meet the requirements of several of the minimum technical competences.

Information on the Minimum Technical Competencies can be found at:

For Electrical eligibility requirements please click here