OFTEC is a leading 'not for profit' trade organisation for the heating industries in the UK and Republic of Ireland. They have designed assessment, OFT21-504A, which covers the installation, commissioning, servicing & maintenance of Air Source Heat Pumps for installation in domestic premises for the purposes of space and water heating

The achievement of Certification ensures to consumers that installations are carried out in accordance with specific manufacturers’ instructions, British & European Standards and National & European legislative requirements.

This OFTEC Scheme is recognised by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).

Candidate Pre-Requisites

Applicants wishing to undertake OFT 21-504A Assessment to achieve Certification fall into 3 Categories

Category 1 candidates (current holders of Air Source Heat Pump Certification) must hold:

  • original certificate(s) for the assessment(s) they wish to undertake
  • current Water Regulations certificate
  • current Unvented Hot Water certificate

Category 2 candidates must:

  • hold current Water Regulations certificate
  • hold current Unvented Hot Water certificate
  • hold a nationally recognised qualification and/or registration in a trade associated with heating and/or plumbing work for a period not less than two years
  • undertake heat pump training at an OFTEC Approved Training Centre                                         


  • provide employer evidence of ‘on the job’ heating installation and/or maintenance experience for a period of not less than two years

Category 3 applicants are:

  • new to the heating industry and will be without a recognised qualification or experience
  • required to obtain experience with a competent person (CPS) and/or Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) installation business who are willing to provide auditable ‘on the job’ training.  The training must be a minimum of six months, and incorporate as a minimum, five completed installations
  • required to undertake at least one heat pump manufacturers training course for installation and commissioning.  Completion certificates must be provided
  • required to undertake heat pump training at an OFTEC Approved Training Centre
  • required to hold current Water Regulations certificate
  • required to hold current Unvented Hot Water certificate

The process of Assessment to achieve Certification

Assessments consist of both theory and practical examinations. On successful completion of assessments a Blue flame Certificate will be issued and OFTEC are downloaded with the candidate’s details which will enable them to apply for OFTEC Registration for Air Source Heat Pumps.

Blue flame Certification Certificates are valid for 5 years.

Further Information

Contact Blue Flame Certification for your nearest centre that is able to offer this Assessment